how it works


Select the appropriate partnership level for your corporation needs and join the EVE LinkNet program.


Share your way of life, fleets, content and culture towards the other community members in a way that suits you.


Connect with players that are attending your shared content and find the right players to invite over to your corporation.


By sourcing your members from within players who have already shown interest towards your way of life it is easy to grow and solid and functioning corporation.


A single corporation can’t cover all the aspects of the game alone. By joining the LinkNet program you are able to share the joint operations content with your members and connect with players that would fit in your corporation.


The community in EVE Online is one-of-a-kind which you can’t find in any other MMO games. Get to know your future corporation members beforehand by sourcing them from our entry level corporations with the help of your content.


What is the EVE LinkNet?

The EVE LinkNet is a non-profit community program that connects the right players with the right corporations. Our mission is to make sure that no pilots are lost into the abyss because of lacking the right wing mans from their side.

Each LinkNet partner corporation offers something towards the rest of the coalition in form of activities. By opening up their content, fleets and way of life towards the community the other players within the other partner corporations are able to experience different styles of playing EVE Online without the need of finding a new corporation for themselves.

The joint operations hosted by the partner corporations allows individual players to figure our what they might enjoy doing in New Eden. Once they think they have figured out they can then transfer to the partner corporations that is matching the players desired gameplay. If things do not work out or the player interest changes they are able to repeat the process as often as needed.

Our political stance

The LinkNet community is a neutral non-profi organization that seeks to uphold neutral stances to each entity in EVE Online.

We operate only on corporation level which means that we will never set any standings on alliances or larger entities within the game. The standings our partner corporations may inherit from their own alliances or coalitions are not linked to the LinkNet community.

As an community we will never pick sides in larger battles or war campaigns, but allow our corporations to pick their own fights and assist each others if needed.

Our mission

Our mission is to help players find the right corporations for their own need.

While players are figuring out what they want to do and learning the basics they are able to remain in our no requirement entry level corporation.

Our first recommendations for players who are looking for a new home for themselves will be the LinkNet partner corporations. The partnership allows us to be certain that the corporation we recommend is doing what they claim to be doing and that the player will have a clear vision of the corporation they are headed into as well as the content it offers.

If it is not possible to find a suitable LinkNet partner corporation for the player we will randomly select one of the well known entities in EVE and recommend them to the players. However as these entities are not LinkNet partners we will not be able to help the players with the transition process nor be certainly sure these entities offer a solid place for the player.

Partnership levels

Our partner corporations are able to source members both from our entry corporations located in the Silent Company alliance as well as from other partner corporations.

The community offers different partnership levels in order to be able to provide an flexible program that works with all different types of corporations in EVE Online.

how to become a parner

To become a EVE LinkNet partner you will need to first select the partnership level you want to apply to and then make sure that you fulfill the requirements for that partnership stage.



Have a clear vision of what your corporation does and wants to focus on. We only accept active and well functioning corporations in our partner programs.


Select the partnership level you want to apply for. We offer different variations for different types of corporations. Make sure you fulfill the different requirements for each partnership level.


To become a partner contact Ikarus Cesaille over discord (Ikarus Cesaille#0361) or joing our public discord to seek more help.


Once we have accepted your application we will integrate you into the community and you can start enjoying the benefits.


Different partner levels have different requirements and benefits to them. There are tiny differences with each different partner level but in the end they all function with the same set of goals and push to operate together.

For single pilots
Fleet Sharing
Explore LinkNet
NEUTRAL partner
Independent with neutral standings
Member Sourcing
Shared content
Neutral Standings
Community Services
Full Autonomy
BLUE partner
Independent with blue standings
Member Sourcing
Shared content
Blue Standings
Community Services
Full Autonomy
Alliance partner
Part of Silent Company Alliance
Member Sourcing
Shared content
Inherited Standings
Community Services
Limited Autonomy
Alliance Banner
War Eligible

the emissary program

Is your corporation not yet meeting the requirements for a partnership or are you wondering if a LinkNet partnership is the right path for your corporation to take? This is where the emissary program comes to your aid!

By joining the emissary program you will gain limited access to our community channels and tools which allows you to get a sneak peak on how our community operates and the chance for you to advertise your corporation and content for our members. From there it is easier for you to grow and make the decision to become a full community partner.

Enlisting in emissary program


Our discord server has a public section that you can join without authenticating! In here you can chat with the rest of the coalition members and ask questions about us.

join community discord


Try out EVE for free and receive 1 000 000 Skill Points (SP) worth of 21 days of training by signing up with our referal link!


The process is straight forward and I couldn't be happier.

Keanu Wicke / Member

The MQP fleet FCs have the patience of saints! Once someone joins the coalition, it seems easy to find help from willing members in sc comms. It's clear that some of you have flown together for ages and the cameraderie on comms is fun.

Sgtt / Member

I was a bit lost when started Eve Online. I entered to one of the beginners corps in SiCO. The good thing is that lot of the questions I had, were answered by reading the SiCO wiki, about the fits, programs, how to do stuff.

Ylari Noir / Member

Its nice

My Miner / Member

As a new player to eve I highly recommend any corp in silent coalition. They have been very happy to help/assist new players and the community as a whole is very knowledgeable. Always something to do as constant fleets are up!

j007c / Member