Status of LinkNet HS moon mining, how do we improve it?

We have been monitoring the moon fields and after the quiet times of summer breaks the fields have started to deplete faster and faster. During our monitoring period we have determined that with our current 2 extractions per day schedule each period of extractions have around 4 to 6 hours where there are no moons to be mined. This puts us on average to lack 50% of the moons we need.


We are running a donation round to help us raise funds for the needed structures. Donations may be sent to LinkNet High Sec Holdings corporation. If you are looking to help us build the structures join the industry SIG.

The Math

We currently host 53 moon mining athanors split in Yria and Oisio. In order to increase our output to cover the lacking periods we will need to increase our moon count by 50%. This equals to 26,5 new mining athanors.

CCP has also released a patch preview where they threat to reduce the quantity of ores in moon fields by 25%. This again means that we need to add 13,25 moons to cover the upcoming changes.

When we combine both of these factors we end up needing 39,75 pcs of new moon structures which can be rounded to 40 pcs. One moon mining structure without fuel requires an investment of 1,92B ISK with the current market rate, which we can expect to go up as we approach these changes.

In summary in order to provide 24/7 lasting moon fields the community requires an investment of 76,8 Billion isk.

The Wallets

Our community has two main pools of funds: The fund tied to buyback system which allows us to buy large quantities of ores and items without the need to liquate them immediately and the backup emergency funds.

Backup emergency funds are designed to cover every single structure that we currently have in case we would end up losing them. This wallet contains currently roughly 100B isk which has been accumulated mainly from donations since we started our operations in 2013. This fund would need to be raised by another 50B in order to match up the structure count. However we see that this is an unrealistic goal with this timeframe and will risk having less ISK in our backup funds than needed to relaunch all of our structures, were they be lost.

The buyback system funds contain a roughly 150B isk which is required to keep the system operational. This fund is both used to buy fuel for our structures as well as to buy the contracts. Spending the total 76B investment from this wallet would cause disruption to buyback times as well as risk fueling our structures.

The data that we have gathered from buyback shows that we purchase close to 100B isk of goods each month. The graph bellow represents buyback data for ore only.

This means that each month we need to flip at least this amount of ISK in order to keep the wallets in balance and the system operational which leaves us with currently 50B of extra funds in the system.

A rough estimate of how much profit we make when we sell or ores in Jita with sell orders with perfect skills nets us around 5% profit with our current tax rates and price calculation methods which so far covers the need of fuel blocks. There is however no room for extra expenses in here as this translates to 5B income per moth as our current structure fuel costs stands at 4B per month.

This level of income is set by design as we are not seeking profit as an community organization, however it puts us to some difficulty whenever large investments needs to be done.

The Investment

Based on the previous facts we are able to burn a rough 50B from the funds that we have accumulated into buyback system during the years. This leaves us with roughly 30B sort of our required funds for launching the structures and 70B from the emergency reserve. However as for the initial state we will only seek to raise the 30B ISK for now and acknowledge that if all of or current structures are to be lost we will revert back to the pre-investion scale of structures until the emergency reserve is filled back up.


In order to cover the missing funds we are forced to ask for public donations. If you have extra funds that you would wish to donate to this cause then all donations are appreciated.

Any amount of donations may be sent to LinkNet High Sec Holdings corporation with the message of “fundraiser”. Single donations that covers a whole athanor setup of 2B isk or more will grant an athanor to be named after the donator.

This marks the start of the first ever LinkNet fundraiser campaign.


We will seek to build all of this within the community so that the money spent will remain within the community. If you are interested in helping with the manufacturing you may sign up for the industry SIG.

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