The LinkNet community offers two different levels of services: services for players and services for corporations to use.

With us you will be enjoying both in-game and third party services and programs that are tailored for your needs.

For individual members we provide services that will make your life easier and more efficient. For all of these to work seamlessly we use our AUTH system that will manage your access to our services. When you are not able to log in you will be able to keep on track of all of our event and news by using our third party programs and chats.

For corporations we offer an all-inclusive framework for setting up your corporation communications from AUTH, forum, mapping tools and VoIP Programs to in-game services and ACLs. This framework can be expanded for your needs!

You can find more accurate descriptions about our services from our wiki: Wiki Home | EVE LinkNet Wiki (

In-game services for individuals

guidance for individuals

corporation framework