LinkNet Open Null Province [ONP]: Providence is now open for business!

After a long campaign we are finally happy to open our new null sec sov area in Providence for all of our linknet partners to use! All current community partner members are able to enter the area and use its services.

Two new corporations have been created inside our sov alliance: Silent Vale & Silent Amethyst. These corporations have decreased taxes and costs compared to other partner corporations to encourage people to swap over to these actual null sec corporations if they decide to live more permanently in ONP.

A more detailed description and rules for operating in ONP can be found from wiki: Open Null Province: Feythabolis | EVE LinkNet Wiki (

At the same time the ONP channels on our discord have been opened for all members. Pings related to ONP will be directed to the null sec alliance which is also one of the reason for you to change to those corporations if you are a permanent resident of ONP

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