LinkNet Sovereignty, return of the NullSec – All pilots needed!


MARCH 17, 2022 We made a push to establish null sec space directly under our own name. JUNE 12, 2022 we were pushed out of our own sov null sec space

NOW We are at it again!

Linknet as a community, using the linknet alliance and SLTRN is attempting NULL again. we are currently at war in Providence! The push was initiated by our special ops team “seal team sex” by a handfull of pilots and now they need you!

If you are interested in helping us gain again our own sov under our own flag, then this is what you can do to help! It does not matter how old or new you are as long as you have a lust for frozen space blood and a dream of our own flag flying high in the space!

  1. Make sure you are registered on AUTH
  2. Authenticate on our discord to receive pings about upcoming fleets
  3. We need everyone who can to get to 3D-CQU and have a jump clone in the nearest Highsec – You can either use a dedicated SLTRN war character or any other registered LinkNet community character
  4. Look for STRATOPS and other null sec related ops on our calendar and be ready to
  5. Listen for STRATOP pings in our discord
  6. Join the fleets and follow directions!

Want to do null sec ratting or mine the most valuable moons in the game? This is your time to show up for it! Nothing in this universe comes for free and we will need every pilot willing to participate in this campaign to make it work. Who knows, maybe you get a medal out of it besides the sov space?

This is NOT just SLTRN, this is all of you in our community no matter what corporation you are in! And ships are not a problem, when you show up you will get the ship to fly!

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