Buyback System Updated

I have updated the buyback system and fixed some issues on it. The following changes have been made so that it is now easier for you to understand the price levels we offer for your items.

Price source has been changed to fuzzwork. Was evemarketeer earlier and fall back to ESI. Prices are now updating correctly again.

Removed decimals from contract total values as they may cause confusion when copy pasting values to contracts with different localization formats.

Now also showing Jita sell values on the item row so that you can compare the buy and sell values for items in Jita. We are still using buy values as sell values are too easy to manipulate and we are mostly selling the “low end” stuff to buy orders.

There is a known issue with renamed modules. This is due to the data dump not receiving an update. We are currently using the dump from Fuzzworks and once that updates this issue will go away. Currently there is no price for modules renamed in the last patch, I recommend you hold onto them.

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