Changes to moon scheduling

Since the moon mining changes we now are having a huge surplus of moons and they are not getting mined. We are starting out first iteration of changes to adapt to the new moons.

As our moons are lasting over 48 hours and still not mined out and people are splitting up on different moons and losing boosts due to this the mining efficiency has dropped by a lot.

New moons will be scheduled so that we will only have one extraction each day. Extractions will happen 12 hours after downtime at 2300. This is a precaution in case moons do happen to get mined out too fast so that EU miners and other miners that are able to mine around downtime can mine asteroid fields.

Currently there seems to be no risk of running out of moons to mine at least until CCP decides to go for the next step of their plans which they mentioned stuff such as including low value moon goo to be added to industry requirements which would dramatically increase moon goo value. Until that happens we are decreasing our moon count.

Moon extractions that happen each day should last more than 24 easily meaning even with 1 moon pop per day we will have moons always to mine compared to the pre moon change times when all moons were mined out with around 4 hours left until the next pop.

When mining in fleets we will now also try to enforce mining at the same moon together so that people are able to receive boosts. Splitting up on different locations and not receiving boost will decrease our overall mining efficiency by around 40%

We will also be shutting down the moon miners in Alsottobier reducing our total moon count by 30%. You will notice the first effects on the new moon schedules in 3 weeks from now. You will also notice a drop of moon field volume when this happens. Volumes will then keep on growing back up as we have migrated to one pop per day meaning in around 6 weeks from now you shod have maximum volume moons that pop one time a day and last +24 hours

2 thoughts on “Changes to moon scheduling

  1. Bratach Olc says:

    I like this approach, and I’m in favor long-term. However, a suggestion, if it’s feasible:

    All mining, from belts to moons, have rocks that are more highly desired than others, and therefore are the first ones targeted whenever a moon pops and are the first to go. Depending on the timing, this can place miners from both EUTZ and USTZ at a disadvantage, as the more desirable rocks are gone before they even have the opportunity to get a slice of that particular pie. If possible, could we alternate the timing of the pops between 2300 and 1130, so that both regions could have an opportunity for the ‘better’ rocks?

    • Ikarus Cesaille says:

      I will keep this in mind and see if we can create a system. However we need to keep it in mind that this is not a permanent state and CCP has hinted for moons to become more valuable in the future

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