Coalition logo submission period

Current submissions are here

We have come up with the baseline ideas for our coalition logo which will be also submitted as the alliance logo for Silent Company. You can now submit your suggestions for our official logos!

The winner logo will receive 3 Billion ISK.

Post your submissions on our #logo-submissions channel on discord.


There are certain requirements for the ingame logos. Please review the hard requirements in the link bellow. However you can also submit logos that you think would be awesome but might require some editing later on to qualify for ingame logos

Our guidelines

We have decided to work around something that would represent the coalition as a whole. Instead of going with a pure abstract design we have selected penguins to be our base work for our logo.

Why penguins? Since they are not too serious about themselves and neither are we. They like to live in groups and cuddle together when things get hard. It is also not used with other alliances currently in the game.

Less is more is a golden rule with logos. Adding too much detail to the logo will make it messy.

Facial impressions and misc items should represent our will to educate and connect you with entities in EVE.

However if you are not a fan of penguins then you can also submit your own suggestions!

Examples from the Internetz

Here are some example ideas of what we are looking for:
My personal favorite style. The penguin represents a newbro who is startled about all the things they face in eve. Book to represent our educational purposes
A penguin inside an egg. The egg represents the pods in EVE which is about to crack.
A design that focuses more on the not so serious side of us. Bonus points for the dripping poop.
More focus on the hand-holding and helping part of the coalition.
Because we sometimes are not too energized.

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