Community Headquarter relocating from Ronne to Oisio | All that you need to know

Quick Facts

  • You can now start to move to new HQ
  • Ronne HQ station and services will shut down in phases in the upcoming 6 months
  • New HQ located at Oisio – LinkNet Central Station
  • We recommend using PushX for freight. They support shipping from the Ronne HQ to the new HQ station!
  • All services are up and online in Oisio
  • First moon extraction at 2nd of January 2022. Daily extractions from there on.
  • Expect more explosions, more wars, more riches and more content!

LinkNet Headquarter relocating

We are relocating our headquarters and all of our high sec operations to a new system as mentioned in the state of community meeting. All supporting infrastructure and stations have been anchored and are full operational. This post will tell you everything that you will need to know about your new home and the old one in Ronne.

You can start to relocate your assets and move to the new HQ station Oisio – LinkNet Central Station

Why are we moving?

We are moving to increase our overall activity in all areas of content. While Ronne has been a very friendly and peaceful place to live in it has also made us more passive towards the surrounding universe. The location of Ronne while making it a quiet and safe place also has discouraged people from moving in to the area resulting in a decrease of players operating from a single point.

We want to provide easier access for our fleets for also players who are not part of our community and for players who can’t see the benefits of moving almost 50 jumps to a rather remote location. For this reason we have picked a new system that is located a lot closer to Jita and most of the content. This will allow people who are based in Jita and in the surrounding are (which is the majority of players) to gain easier access for our content.

We want to have moon mining back on the menu now that the high sec moons are again worth mining. In Ronne this option was very limited as our closest moon mining system Gammel was locked down by triglavians.

We want more action for our members. By moving closer to Jita we will move closer to content and by this we will be gaining more active content in all areas. More action also means more risks and more risk means more isk.

We want better mission agents close to our HQ. Oisio hosts a caldari navy L4 agent and you can find multiple other L4 agents nearby.

We want to be closer to our allies that are mainly located around Jita area. This will allow us to raise even more joint operations with our allies and assist them with their efforts against their enemies.

The dangers ahead

There will be some dangers and “downsides” coming with this move to an active area. You will no longer be in the safe heaven of Ronne and there will be more active hostile actions against you and the rest of the community. Since we are looking to get from the passive life into more active life we do not see these dangers as downsides.

Living around Oisio will require more interaction from you with the rest of the community and will require you to pay attention to your surroundings and to what you are doing.

As EVE is not a single player game the interactions with other players is in the key role for both the game and the players to survive for the coming decade. For this single reason we see that any interaction with the player community be it in form of figuring out how to overcome dangers or take revenge on them is all positive on the long run.

We are expecting an heavy increase of ganks and wars against us. To overcome this issue we shall keep our war programs active and seek to actively train and improve our military presence in high sec space. To overcome ganking players will need to be flying the correct fits and to follow our operating procedures. By doing this they will be qualified for Ship Replacement Program (SRP) and the losses they encounter while following these procedures will be covered similar to Ronne.


Unlike moving in null sec space while moving in high sec space you are not in any hurry. Your items won’t be lost due to stations going down or services cutting off.

You can take all the time you need to move as there is no rush.

Here is our current timetable for services and stations going offline in Ronne and it is due to changes:

  • 29th Dec 2021 – Moving to Oisio starts, all services online.
  • 2nd Jan 2022 – Moon mining in Oisio starts
  • 17th Jan 2022 – Ronne buyback discontinued
  • 12th Feb 2022 – Last Gammel weekend extraction
  • 20th Feb 2022 – Manufacturing raitaru services going offline, finish your jobs before this!
  • 20th Feb 2022 – Ronne Fortizar services going offline, except for clone bay!
  • 1st Apr 2022 – Ronne Fortizar clone bay offlined but not removed, grace period to get your clones out starts
  • 1st Jul 2022 – Ronne clone bay removed, all left over clones destroyed
  • Jul 2022 -> Teardown of all remaining structures in the area, leftover assets moved to asset safety.

All Ronne and nearby structures owned by us are for sale. They may not be sold to any third parties before the time tables above regarding critical services such as the clone bay and the industry services in the raitaru. Stuctures such as the moon miners may be sold before the Jul 2022 teardown deadline.

101 for moving

Moving is the perfect time to you to clear up your assets and get rid of the stuff that you never use. While moving is a pain in the ass even for the short distances moving a distance from Ronne to Oisio comes with a nasty amount of jumps.

Here is some tips and tricks for you to follow to help you with the moving:

What to move

You should avoid moving high volume items with low value. This is a simple logic of you spending more time hauling the items that it would take you to make new money and buy the items again at the destination location.

We highly recommend that you consider this while moving your items as we will now also be located only 9 jumps out of Jita making buying new stuff much easier than it was in Ronne.

Moving items yourself

The route from Amarr to Jita is the most dangerous hauling route in the game. This is sadly the only option for moving items via high sec space.

If you decide to move your items via high sec space you should pay close attention to the value you haul with each trip!

A single catalyst costing 11 mil ISK can easily take down a badly fitted ship or a T1 hauler. Keep this in mind when considering the value of the items you are about to move. We highly recommend that you do not haul anything in hauling ships that are not fully fitted with tanking modules.

Do not haul via low sec routes even if the distance is shorter. This will almost always end up with you getting killed!

Using freight services

The better way for move for most people is to use third party freight services.

We are officially recommending PushX as your hauling service.

PushX will accept Ronne HQ as your starting station and haul items directly at the new HQ station making it the most optimal hauling service for our move. There are also other freight options than PushX for you such as Red Frog or trying your luck with the public courier contracts.

When creating freight contract you are not only saving your time with the hauling you are also insuring that if your items get lost to a gank during the haul you will be reimbursed with the collateral money that is used with freight contracts.

When making freight contracts make sure that the collateral money of your items is above the item value of your courier contract. The collateral money is given to you automatically if the courier package is not delivered to you in time (stolen, late or destructed).

Selling items you do not seek to move

Those items that are not worth moving are most often better either left behind or sold. There are multiple options for you to sell your items.

Our internal buyback program will remain operational for a few weeks in Ronne until shut down. See the schedule section for up to date information. You can use it to sell any types of items.

Once our internal buyback is turned offline in Ronne you are left with a few other options. You can set up your items in a public contract to seek to sell them, you can try to haul them either to Amarr or Jita to be sold yourself or you can sell them to the public high sec buyback that is not operated by our community.

From the options above the high sec buyback is the fastest but also pays the least. However it is an excellent option to get rid of your junk!

Moving large assembled ships

The best way to move the large assembled hulls is to fly them to Oisio. If you have multiple hulls to move the best thing to do is:

  • Install death clone to Ronne
  • Fly your ship to Oisio
  • Self destruct at Oisio azbel to instantly spawn to Ronne.
  • Repeat
  • Once done, install death clone to Oisio

Your new life in Oisio

We have re-arranged our services and stations that you have come to know in Ronne to a more working formation in Oisio. There are also now improved services and new services available for you in Oisio.

Stations & Services

HQ Station – LinkNet Central Station – Is now an Azbel instead of a Fortizar. This will provide us with manufacturing bonuses which will allow blueprint research, copying and manufacturing within the same structure. The Azbel is now aligned directly towards Yria gate which is the route to Jita. This will make it easier for you to move in and out from the system. The structure includes the following services:

  • Buyback location
  • Clone service
  • Market service
  • Manufacturing service
  • Research service
  • Reprocessing service (for compressing)

Inventions – LinkNet Invention Lab – Is located at the undock like of the central station. It is purely designed for invention purposes for you to invent T2 blueprint copies which you can then use to build again in the Azbel. The station itself is aligned towards to the central station so it is easy for you to move between these two stations.

  • Invention service
  • Standup M-Set Invention Cost Optimization I – 21% reduction in invention costs
  • Standup M-Set Invention Accelerator I – 41% reduction in invention speed

Refining – LinkNet Refinery – Is also located at the undock from the central station. This service is designed for similar use as the Ronne refinery and its only purpose is to provide maximum refining rates in the system. The structure is located on the line behind the invention lab so it will provide instant undocks both to the central station and the invention lab.

  • Reprocessing service
  • Standup M-Set Asteroid Ore Grading Processor I – 57,1% refining yield multiplied for normal ores
  • Standup M-Set Ice Grading Processor II – 59,4% refining yield multiplier for ice
  • Standup M-Set Moon Ore Grading Processor II – 59,4% refining yield multiplier for moon ore

17 moon mining Athanors – Are located around the Oisio system. Each Athanor undock is aligned towards the central station and the Yria exit gate towards Jita. These moon miners will serve as the backbone for our mining operations in the area as there are only a few asteroid belts in the nearby systems.


As mentioned multiple times before our mining operations will be mainly focusing on moon mining and ice mining. While there are also normal asteroid belts around their number is very limited.

We have a total of 17 moon miners in Oisio. This covers all the moons in the system. Each extractor is set to complete its extraction at 04:00 EVE time similar to the Gammel moon miners. However extractions will happen daily instead of weekly like in Gammel.

We will monitor and adjust the moon mining schedules and procedures as we gather more data on the amount of moons that gets mined.

The goal with moons is that there would always be moon go up for mining around the clock. If the moons get mined out before the next extraction we have the ability to add more moons in the next door system Yria. Adding moons in Yria will require more war operations which we will hope miners will help us with. Similar to having moons always up for mining we do not want to over extract moons and have too many moons not getting mined as operating these moon structures comes with both a fuel expense and a risk of getting them destroyed in wars.

Ice mining is available in multiple nearby systems. We currently do not yet have buyback online at these locations but will online a station or stations depending on the demand in the ice mining systems for ice buyback only. Until that you either will need to haul ice to Oisio or directly to Jita.


As we will now be located in a hot zone there will be more pvp coming at us in form of wars as well as in form of roams. We are now located much closer to a lot of our allies which will allow us to run more joint fleets with them.

We are expecting an increased amount of wars against us which will require our military program to remain active and people to be interested in defending our assets.

The riches in the area no longer come as granted and we will need to be prepared to defend ourselves.

We are also looking to re-launch our ganking SIG providing also more content in that area.

5 thoughts on “Community Headquarter relocating from Ronne to Oisio | All that you need to know

      • Gozer Gozarianitis says:

        Your stations used to be Freeports. The ACLs have changed, and they are no longer Freeports.

        I was lucky that I got an in-game warning when I was undocking that I wouldn’t be able to dock again, and had a freighter in the station. I disassembled ships and moved everything into the freighter. I was just surprised that the structures were sold outside of the timeline you published above. Caught me by surprise, and I was lucky to get my stuff out.

        • Ikarus Cesaille says:

          As stated in our timeline all the stations are on sale an may be sold before the Jul deadline if a buyer is found and the station service deadline has passed. The final and only service left online as of today is the Fortizar clone bay which will be the last one to go offline. The clone bay will go offline on the 1st of Jul which is also when the Fortizar may be sold. We have not yet decided if the fort will be sold, exploded or teared down once the deadline for this comes.

          • Gozer Gozarianitis says:


            Just to provide some closure; the structures were destroyed and are currently being looted. There is a container in space named “Blueprints” where all of the BPs that folks had in the structure are now located. They bought it to deny access, shoot it, and loot it.

            Welcome to Eve!

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