CSM15 voting has started | Help our ballot to get elected!

CSM voting period has started!

This year our coalition has our own candidate for the CSM. To get our candidate to the CSM we need all the votes as we can get as we are voting against other large null sec blocks and their own candidates. We have also added two other players on our official ballot who have similar values to our own candidate. The 10 players with most votes will be elected to the CSM.

Step By Step Voting Instructions

  1. Go to the voting page
  2. Log in with your omega account. You can only vote with omega accounts.
  3. To help our coalition candidates get elected search for Ikarus Cesaille and place him on the first position. The first vote is the most imporant one.
  4. Then add the second and third votes for the players listed on the ballot bellow. These players are players with similar goals to ours.
  5. If you want you can add other candidates to the positions 4 to 10. List of other candidates is located in here
  6. Submit your vote

Coalition Ballot

  1. Ikarus Cesaille – High Security, new players and corporation mechanisms – Silent Company
  2. Jurius Doctor – Null Sec, new players and communities – NullSechnaya Sholupen
  3. Mike Azariah – High Sec and new players – The Scope


What is the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management is a player advocacy group, consisting of 10 members democratically elected by the players to advise and assist CCP in the continuous development of EVE Online. The CSM brings focused and structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents their views and interests. You can read more about the CSM in here

About Ikarus Cesaille

I am a corporation CEO and a coalition executor that doesn’t get to undock much. I am running for CSM15 to represent High Security space, new players and the technical side of ingame mechanisms related to corporation and community management.

I have a heavy focus on removing waste from systems and making them easier for players to understand and use. I value clear communication, honesty, and facts over rumours. I want to serve those who struggle to survive in the harsh environment of New Eden, especially during the first weeks of their journeys and provide them with a voice that will be heard. I exist to help you to find your own place within New Eden so that you as well can write your own story.


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