Fleet Commanders needed

The coalition is in need of more FC trainees and we will need YOU to sign up if you have any interests in becoming an FC.

There is no other way to learn to command fleets than take out fleets and learn from your failure. SICO is the perfect place for you to become an hardened fleet commander as we frankly do not care at all about our killboard.

If you think you might get your fleet blown up or not knowing what to do in each situation then sign up right now! Every FC in the game has started where you are right now and whelped more fleets than you can even count.

Our MQP program is the perfect place to start learning FCing. Teaching line members how to fly is the best way to learn for yourself as well. Everything done while backseated by an more experienced FC who can take over the fleet if you die or everything goes down the drain.

Do not hesitate, head to https://auth.silentcoalition.com/groups/ and sign up to “Special Interest: Fleet Commander Trainee”. Then request a backseat in #fc-trainee-center and be on your way to what could be the best and most fulfilling gaming experience of your life.

If you have any questions regarding this feel free to ask them in the #fc-trainee-center room, there are no stupid questions!

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