Gantry Bug Fixed | No more exploit wars once current wars drop around midnight!

CCP finally believed us that there is a bug in the gantry system and less than 24 hours after sending them a detailed video of the bug a fix has been added:

Launching a Customs Office Gantry into space will now require the same corporation roles (Equipment Config) as anchoring it.

All corporations within SiCO that are not meant to be eligible for wars will again be free of wars in high sec space. We will be inviting HS corporations back to the HS alliance and returning to normal operations.

SLTRN operations will be ongoing as long as people feel like smashing WeR4!

Remember that SEADC will be in war until 21.02.2020 00:34 and ICANP until 21.02.2020 00:55

If you have left SEADC or ICANP during these war bug times feel free to make an application to your corporation and we will pull you back in after our current wars end, which are around mind night today.

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