ICANP departs from SiCO in friendly terms

Due to the recent events of Sabus going public with his personal ideologies by pushing out what he called Erenian Religion on their internal discord we have come to the conclusion that ICANPS principles are fighting against the core values of silent coalition.

As of this and some other ideological differences with ICANP we have decided to separate our ways with ICANP and SiCO in friendly terms effective immediately.

Any members who wish to keep on playing with SiCO and agree with our policies are free to apply to a SiCO corporation of their choose. If you wish to keep on playing with ICANP stay toned and look up for your corporation mails and discord messages for further actions.

All SiCO freeport citadels will remain freeported for ICANP members. Any other citadels such as the mining athanors you will lose access in one week. All other services provided by SiCO have been terminated.

We are separating our ways in friendly terms and have paid off 12b isk to ICANP for the 50% ownership share they had on the market fortizar and 7 athanors they donated for coalition cause.

Bellow you can find the official statement sent to the leadership team regarding the latest issue.

6 thoughts on “ICANP departs from SiCO in friendly terms

    • Ikarus Cesaille says:

      Things develop as time goes on. Now ICANP has had change in leadership and is moving out and have also ended all aggressions against our members 🙂

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