Market Services Online at Central Station

After much demand, market services have finally been put online at Maspah – Central Station. It will take some time to fully get up and running, and we will continue to add more over time, but it now exists!

For starters we will be putting up skillbooks and Planetary Command Centers. When I get home from work I will add MQP fleet fits. Skill books will all be posted at NPC Seed prices +10%. Our goal is to bring Jita like prices to the local market so you never have to make that 30 jump trip!

In the coming days I will add request forms so if there’s things you use all the time or skills you can’t find we can work on getting them sourced and on the market.

Lets continue to improve the Derelik region and work on fixing the massive market problem its had for years.

If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to Jafner.

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