New Buyback Program Alpha Release

Our buyback program has been rewritten and integrated into AUTH. To use the buyback program you will now need to log in to AUTH.

The new buyback program can be found from

The new buyback program will work very much like the old one with some added details. It will now display you better notes about the items you are selling and also the total amount of taxes and expenses you are paying when selling to the program. It will also now provide tracking for the contracts you set up which will make it easier for both you and the buyer to monitor the contracts sold via the program. The new program is also opensource.

These changes has been made so that it is easier for you to see how the prices we provide via the programs are constructed.

The new buyback program also supports multiple managers aka. programs. You can see all programs that are available for you from the buyback selection page.

You can find the guide for using the program from:

As this is the first public release of this program we would recommend you to report any issues or inconveniences either on the it-support section of our discord or directly into the buyback program repo issues section

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