Planetary Production – Eve’s Passive Income

Hello everyone. There have been a few people asking, so figured I should get a post up about it. For those of you that have Omega accounts, Planetary Production (formerly Planetary Interaction), can be a fantastic source of almost pure passive income. Not only can it be a fantastic source of income, it can help corps in tech 2, structure, and fuel production.

In high sec, we have a network of 26 customs offices (list below), across 4 systems, all within 2 jumps of Maspah for your convenience. For SiCO members we only take a 1% tax cut (2% for public). We also have put up customs offices in both the C1 and C4 wormholes with minimal tax rates (3% or less).

*Hint: Be sure to train Customs Code Expertise (located under trade) to level 5 if doing PP in high sec. There is a 10% NPC tax that can’t be eliminated, but it can be cut down to 5% by maxing out that skill*

Never done PP before? Here are some great tools to help you learn:
CCP training Video (Part 1)
Eve University Tutorial
PI Flowchart

Ready to start but need a customs office? Talk to Jafner, he’ll hook you up!

High-Sec Customs Offices Locations:

Maspah II (Barren)
Maspah III (Temperate)
Maspah IV (Gas)
Maspah V (Gas)
Maspah VI (Gas)
Maspah VII (Barren)

Ibaria I (Barren)
Ibaria II (Oceanic)
Ibaria III (Lava)
Ibaria IV (Temperate)

Juddi I (Barren)
Juddi II (Barren)
Juddi IV (Storm)
Juddi V (Barren)
Juddi VI (Temperate)
Juddi VII (Gas)
Juddi X (Gas)
Juddi XI (Barren)

Khankenirdia I (Storm)
Khankenirdia II (Temperate)
Khankenirdia III (Gas)
Khankenirdia IV (Temperate)
Khankenirdia V (Gas)
Khankenirdia VIII (Ice)
Khankenirdia IX (Barren)
Khankenirdia X (Lava)

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