SiCO triumphs against Tribesmen, hostile Fortizar destroyed! Summary of the Tribesmen war.

The final minutes of the Tribesmen Fortizar | Video by Michael Sarum

It has been several months since The Tribesmen left our coalition in hostile terms. Despites our efforts to separate our ways in friendly terms they decided to burn all the bridges they had built with us. Due to their actions we made some friends with some high sec mercenaries who even ended up joining our coalition for a while. We cleared out Tribesmens structures (that they locked us out from when leaving the coalition) with the help of these mercs and established our high sec operations in full scale.

From that point on we have seen tribesmen both declaring wars on our structures, put them in reinforcement and continuously gank our local players in high sec space. At one point they even stated to be leaving our systems alone, yet after a while more wars were dropped on us.

On 7th of June Tribesmen stated to be leaving our high sec system.

A lot of ships had been lost in and outside of the multiple wars we had with The Tribesmen during several months. Whatever The Tribesmen had any role in us losing our wormhole fortizar will remain up to readers interpretation. They strongly declined to have any role in the fight, yet we saw them showing up in the wormhole to whore on the killmail of the fort. Some of the chats i had with Stoseph during that time also indicates otherwise. The full scale of hired third parties and neutrals will most likely remain a mystery for the rest of our EVE journey.

A legit ransom or just Stoseph trying to scam some isk from us? Who knows…

At some point we got tired of these hostile actions as we had not given any reason for them to target us and decided to launch a military program within the coalition. During the past 3 weeks we set up our military program, manned our battle stations and sieged a Fortizar citadel that was owned by tribesmen.

Stoseph likes to PM me each time they manage to kill something or try to kill something. Im not rly a fan of fueling an attitude like that by replying to him.

Our first attempts to take down the fortizar failed. We managed to put it into armor timer but due to the lack of high sec war experience and numbers tribesmen managed to defend the hull timer and the fortizar was fully repaired. We were pushed back to the drawing table with heavy losses.

After gaining some more numbers via our military program and learning how wars in high sec work (you can’t actually repair your allies who have assisted you in a war duh) we put the fortizar again in armor, followed by the hull timer later on. In order to try to save the fortizar Tribesmen dropped all the wars they had declared against us (as so far we had been playing as the defender). Obviously we declared war on tribesmen to finish what they started a long time ago.

On 2019-06-23 20:33 the fortizar became vunerable for the final blow. We formed close to 100 players in multiple fleets and started to take down the structure. To our surprise the structure was also third partied by a random party who seemed to want to boost their kill board. Obviously we had nothing against this as they just made the structure go down faster! With Stoseph gunning the fort being the only hostile thing in the system taking down the fort was a rather straight forward task.

Our military wing fleet | Photo by c83 AI

During the fight we lost a few ships. These losses were caused by pilots who failed to anchor on our Fleet Commanders and drifted out of our logi rep ranges. Even thou our military program consists mainly of new alpha pilots our low SP ospreys managed to hold the ground and keep our fleet alive! With the help of our other corporations that brought in the punching power and the third party that showed up the Fortizar was successfully destroyed!

The destroying of the Tribesmen fortizar marks the victory for our coalition against the war with The Tribesmen. As our only goal was to fight back and show that we are not here to be pushed around we are now tuning down our hostilities against tribesmen and waiting for them to do again the next move, the one direction or to another. Our current focus will be on our other ongoing military operations.

Hard proof on black and white about OP success! | Photo by Dreadnought Ernaga

From the chat I had with tribesmen they stated that they are going to keep on ganking and keep on with the hostilities against us in the future. Whatever this will be for a reason for us to seek out new ways to destroy their assets shall be remain in the future.

Finaly i decided to reply to Stosephs messages.

As a final note I’d like to thank all of you who joined us in this war event. Even thou we are not a coalition with mandatory pvp operations I’m happy to see that so many of you are willing to dedicate your time to push off those who try to harm us.

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