Silent Coalition is now the EVE LinkNet community

To start with: nothing will change but the name. The name Silent Coalition was selected years back when we wanted to remain as a small group of players who would not attract attention. However during the years we have grown to a different direction as we have taken it as our mission to connect the players with the right corporations.

We felt like that the name Silent Coalition was misleading as we were no longer silent nor a coalition in a traditional meaning of an EVE coalition. So we have decided to rebrand ourselves.

We have picked a new name: LinkNet to represent our community and our goal to connect people with the right corporations and vice versa. We also do not want the community to be confused with our high sec alliance that has SICO as its ticker.

During the upcoming days you will see the old SICO ticker that referred to silent coalition vanish and be replaced with the LinkNet name. During this transition period you may see some inconsistences with services or information on our sites.

I hope to see you all in New Eden as we build up new connections across the universe.

Pst here is a cool hint! If a page is not working try replaceing silentcoalition with eve-linknet instead. DNS takes some time to update all the url changes!

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