Silent University: When Dark Matter still can’t Explain It

Sponsored by: Game of Drones, || Ordinis Silens ||, Xa’sar, and Validus Industries

Eve is a complex game, and the tutorials don’t even begin to prepare you for what lies ahead. Sure you could Google for tips and tricks and watch a hundred YouTube videos, but Eve is also dynamic and changes rapidly. As a member of LinkNet, you will have access to hundreds of players that have been there and have already done the work to figure out where the value really is. But how can you go about getting easy access to all of these veteran players?

This is why we’ve created Silent University. Our goal: to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to not just survive, but to thrive. While this program is sponsored by 4 of LinkNet’s Null Sec Organizations, we will not be just covering Null Sec. We will be looking at everything from Industry 101 to Fitting Theory to Lore! We’ll even be throwing in a couple of fun fleets to change it up!

Feel like there must be more?

Some of you might be satisfied with your high sec lives, some of you might want more. No matter what your situation is, this program is for you. Maybe you’re an Industry Guru, but you want to take it to the next level by starting PI. Maybe you know all there is to know (not possible its Eve!) and just have this nagging desire to learn more about the history and politics in the game? well great! We’ll cover that too!

If you’re wondering why we would take our time to do this? It’s simple really. No matter where we are in space, we all want more friends to fly with. There is never enough in fleet, never enough for that next mining Op, and never enough to just chill with after a long day at work.

This article will be followed up by our first week’s Class Schedule. The first lesson will be starting on 10/16 at 15:00 and it’s an exciting one! “Espionage and Counter Intelligence”(!) We will also do a PLEX drawing for those of you who attend classes. You will get 1 drawing entry per unique class you attend (i.e. attending 3 Q&A sessions gets you 1 entry, but attending a Q&A and Combat 101 gets you 2 entries. We look forward to seeing you all there!

PLEX Drawing details:
– 1st Prize: 200 PLEX
– 2nd Prize: 100 PLEX
– 3rd Prize: 50 PLEX
– 4th-10th Prize: 25 PLEX

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