Updates to Ferox Fleet doctrine & SLTRN war alt process

We have updated our primary doctrine. The cap booster has been replaced with an sensor booster and the empty high slot has been filled up. The drones have been changed to caldari drones to match the changes in SLTRN.

The rapid war response program has received an facelift with the new skill plan update. War alts can now continue to train for long periods of time which is why we have introduced a full training plan to improve your war alt over time and take more out of the Ferox.

The new doctrine can be found from our doctrine page: https://wiki.eve-linknet.com/en/community/doctrines/coalition-doctrines#ferox-fleet

The updated process of making new war alts can be found from: https://wiki.eve-linknet.com/community-programs/war-response-program

FOR OLDER SLTRN PILOTS: As our doctrine has changed slightly you may need to train some new skills. The easiest way to do this is to clear your current skill que and to add the Full Plan, Ferox & Osprey on your skill que from the corp MOTD (same process as making new characters). You can then continue on training according to the plan which will over time max out the performance of your ferox.

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