War is here | SICO joining WWB2

We are going to join the massive war raging between Goons and Test in null sec! This will be an opportunity for you to experience one of the largest wars in EVE history so that you can tell about it to your grandchildren.

We will be going to null sec space and fuck around with mostly goon structures and fleets. Since we are a minor threat when it comes to military powers in EVE we are not seeking any standings from any directions.

Our goal is to cause chaos, get some fights and ninja loot the fights as we go. In the end we hope to offer you the experience of a massive historical fight.

The war operations are completely optional and you have multiple different options for attending them.

If you have no clue what this war is you can simply go to EVE reddit, its full or awesome propaganda https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/

How to attend

In order to attend the war operations  you will need either to move yourself to our forward stating station or have an jump clone installed in the station. Installing a jump clone obviously requires you to travel to the station at least once.

Our staging station will be Sakht VI – Moon 7 – Genolution Biotech Production

Our doctrines will be: Bombers -> sov entosis sigils -> cormorants

You can also move your SLTRN character to the staging station if you do not want to attend the war with your other characters.

Guide for creating a SLTRN character is located in here: https://wiki.silentcoalition.com/services/programs/war-response-program

We will provide the ships for you at the staging location.

Moving to staging

The easiest way to travel to the staging is to use an nullified interceptor. It is very likely that there are multiple warp bubbles on the route to the station.

If you are unable to fly interceptors use a fast small cheap ship such as the MQP frigates to get to the destination.

Using jump clones

Once you arrive at the destination you can install a jump clone in the station. This way you can return back to your normal operating area and jump clone to the station when a war fleet goes live.

The guide for installing jump clones and using medical clones in combination with them to return to your original location can be found in here https://wiki.silentcoalition.com/services/guides/clones

More information about war

Please join the SIG for PVP deployments on AUTH or by pressing on the following link https://auth.silentcoalition.com/group/request_add/105

Notifications about fleets will go up in the discord fleet pings channel. For more information see the SIG channel room on Discord.

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