Update on Maspah Central Station War

As you probably know our central station in Maspah faced an attack from a corp that likes to shoot at citadels. In order to prepare to protect this station we launched some defensive manoeuvres that have been shown you as a member in various ways.

As the war went live against the station holding corporation (so not any proper sico corporation) the hostiles showed up with a few ships but got their ass kicked by a few members that moved over to the holding corp to shoot at the wardecers. After the attackers faced a loss right away they then send a surrender offer to us.

We have accepted the surrender offer and the central station will again be free of wars after the 24h cooldown period ends.

To make it clear: seadc or 3gods are not involved in any wars at this moment!

Another thing you might have noticed was that SEADC and 3GODS formed an alliance. This alliance was a preparation step in order to allow us to join the fight with all of our combat pilots assuming the attacks on the citadel would have gone thorough. The alliance allows us to pull in the holding corporation making us all go in war with the hostile entities. When we want the war to end on us we simply can kick out the holding corporation that is holding the structures which will make us again ineligible for wars forcing the war to end within 24 hours. This means that by taking advantage of the alliance method we are able to join as defenders for a war declared against our structure corporations in 24 hours after we decide to do the move and also drop any wars after 24 hours after we decide to drop them.

Joining the alliance doesn’t effect your gameplay in any way and you can pretty much forget that we are in one. Please keep all chattering out from the alliance chat as only 2 of our coalition corporations are able to access it.

Since we still have wars against a few moon mining citadels we are keeping the corporations in the alliance for now, just in case we would need to join a war for a short period of time. However everything indicates that the hostiles decing the moon citadels will not be causing any problems to us.


  • War against central station is dropping in 24 hours
  • An alliance was created as a defensive manouver
  • Another war was declared on some of our moon structures
  • Not assuming to see any fights at moons but will keep corporations in alliance just to be sure
  • SEADC or 3GODS are not at war with anyone
  • Joining alliance doesnt affect your gameplay in any way

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