Combat Canes Number Check Poll

Recently we launched our new primary doctrine Combat Canes:

And hold and behold a few days after our central station in maspah is facing an attack on it! What an perfect timing! Sadly the minnmatar ships are not that common to be trained for when you start your career (unless you happen to be a minnie)

So since we have not had any fleets out with this doctrine here is a nice and fast poll for you to take to let us know what ships of the cane fleet you can fly. Please select all of the ships you can fly:

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3 thoughts on “Combat Canes Number Check Poll

  1. MrZeppo says:

    I just joined a few days ago… and it will take me a long time to train up and generate the ISK to acquire all the doctrine ships. So, i am wondering- is there a fleet for prelim “members” that have not fully achieved full Doctrine load-out? I know about the MQP. i am envisioning a PRE-MQP fleet for those of us who want to fly with other corp mates but still have a long way to go on achieving full Doctrine? I would be very interested in helping such an effort happen.
    In an Unofficial capacity, i plan on setting up my own fleet to serve this purpose… but i am wondering if this idea can become a standing fleet for the Corporation?
    thanks for everything!

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