Setting SEADC tax on 1%

We have had 0% tax in SEADC for a good while now and starting from this moment we will be increasing our tax to 1%. Please note that this tax only applies to mission rewards and bounties so it will have no affect on miners, industrialists or marketers.

There are also proper reasons for this increase (if you can call 1% even an increase). The first one is that with the increasing amount of members and PvP fleets going out we have been relying on donations from both individual players and raised operations to cover the cost of SRP. However there is also a lot more to cover such as citadel fuels that is billions a month with the amount of citadels we have and will this will keep on raising as we add more citadels.

Second reason for this is that your HQ Maspah Central Station has been wardeced and is faced a possible attack on it. We are preparing to defend this station by mobilizing our combat doctrines. In order to buy the ships and to prepare for losses that we might encounter we will need a lot more money in the SRP wallet than we have needed with just MQP fleets and the other SRPd fleets we have had.

We are also feeling that 1% tax of your ratting or missions rewards is a reasonable amount for any players to donate in order to help out the corporation and the other fellow pilots they are flying with. Also even with this amount of tax our tax is very low compared to almos any other corporation in EVE that thend to keep their tax on 5 to 10 % which we will never do!


  • Setting SEADC tax to 1%
  • This is to help cover a tiny fraction of the expenses in SRP and service management
  • Central Station is facing an attack and we are preparing for larger SRP with combat doctrines being mobilized

7 thoughts on “Setting SEADC tax on 1%

  1. Keko Pesatki says:

    Ouch. We are under threat? Will gladly try to donate more via the Buyback program. Also don’t mind a higher tax, call it war tax over a temporary period until our war chest has been filled to proper levels.

  2. 2114531942 says:

    I know a few members of SiCO were alarmed and commented negatively in SC Comms, about the raise in the TAX rate…. REALLY. Maybe they were being facetious maybe not, its hard to tell in text, but a 1% tax rate is super low. I assure you the company isn’t rolling in the dough and you may have forgotten the tax rates that are paid in NPC corps, mine was a flat rate of 10%, no services, no SRP, no BPO/BPC’s, and no friends to play with. I personally pledge to donate 2% of my Buyback proceeds to GoD for their benefit to keep the citadels running and those moons bursting.

    You do what you will, I know everyone is at a different point in the game financially, but 1% isn’t going to break us, and many many many private corps actually have a buy in of 50 million isk (or more) to buy into their ranks, plus a 5% or more tax rate.

    • Ikarus Cesaille says:

      yeah i do understand the worry from the new players but i will give you a coalition financial rundown when i have something to give as at least we have no income ^^

  3. 2114696086 says:

    1% is not gonna hurt me that’s for sure. Im new to the game, was in NPS corp at a much higher tax rate before joining seadc, Hell would gladly pay more if needed during the present crisis. Will do what I can to help in the present war.

  4. 96555651 says:

    Same here! This is a fun to play with and vivid corp with a shitload of learning opportunities. You guys rock! I’ll happily pay 1% oder more if it keeps this group going! Fly safe and o7, Cpt. Andrew Cmax

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