Game of Scams: Low Sec Scam Couriers

There are no rules in EVE against scamming. The amount of different scams out there is insane and today we want to talk to you about one of them as we have had someone falling as a victim of one for several times.

One of our members has been trying to do what is called low sec scam courier contracts. These contracts may look good on paper with their high reward and fairly low collateral. The only problem is that they are scams. This post is not about pointing fingers at the ones who have died while seeking easy money with courier contracts but to educate those who might not be aware about what these scam contracts are.

So how the scenario plays out is following:

A player creates a contract that is so high volume that it only fits inside a freighter. You see there is also a legit way for moving couriers in low and null sec space by using jump freighters, assuming you don’t become a victim of another type of courier scam where you are unable to dock at the pick up or destination citadels at all. The stats of the contracts are most often with 100 mil reward for a small trip thorough low sec space, a 200 mil collateral that is relative low and a high volume over 350 000 m^3

When you accept this contract the creator will be notified about this and they will then seek out to camp you and kill you when you are trying to move in the low sec area.

When you die you lose both your freighter and the collateral so most often your loss is around 1,3 bil

So what we have learned from this tale is that whenever you have a courier contract that either starts or ends in low sec space, don’t take it.

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