Coalition Primary Doctrine Set: Combat Canes

We have finally come to a decision about our primary and most important doctrine for our members to train for. You can find the fits in here

This doctrine is easy to get into and also provides a great and a solid fleet when flown together. The doctrine can be used in different levels: we can pick to go with frigates, cruisers or battlecruisers depending on what type of content we are finding.

You should start your training for this doctrine from the frigate and then continue training towards the larger hulls. Once you are able to fly the hurricane (for which we have both omega and alpha fits) you can aim for the T2 ship Muninn

This doctrine also has logistics in it. If you want to help your friends to stay alive instead of killing your enemies you can train for the logistic ships.

This doctrine will be used for all proper operations so it is important that most of you who wish to interact and play the game as a team player would train for it.

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