Introducing Hermes Fast Freight

Calling all Space Truckers

Have you ever wanted to be a trucker? How about a space trucker? Well now is your chance! Hermes Fast Freight is now open for recruitment. Hermes will not be like most corps however, it will be entirely dedicated to supporting SiCO and creating its logistical infrastructure.

For right now, Hermes will only service the corps and not the members, though our plan is to add this in the future. To start with, it will help with the logistics of Game of Drones and the insane volume of buyback contracts we’ve started getting. If any other CEOs are interested in logistics for their corp needs, please let Jafner know.

Requirements and what to expect:

  • At this time we are looking for freighter pilots only, but we will expand at a later date.
  • You will not be placing your main character in the corp, instead the corp will only contain contract alts. This works by using one character to mange any number of contracts and haulers. This character never has to leave the station they are in as you can remotely deliver and accept contracts and can contract them to your hauler via item exchange contracts.
  • Expect to handle collateral of up to 1.5 billion isk per contract. This will be our maximum contract size. There will be some contracts at lesser values.
  • We will be experimenting with offering insurance on hauling contracts, details will be given to members who join.
  • You are required to have any hauling pilots and the contract alt registered in SiCO Auth.

At this time, I am anticipating needing at most about 6-10 freighter pilots, but I expect that need to grow to well over 30 as we get up and running especially once we open up to membership for hauling contracts as well.

For those interested, feel free to apply to Hermes Fast Freight in game with your contract alt and include in your application the name of your character in SiCO. You hauler is not required to be a SiCO member, just have a character in any of its corps. Also, be sure to join the hauling & logistics interest group in Auth!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jafner in game or on discord. You can also mail Mindy Merida (Jafner’s alt) who is CEO of Hermes.

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