Coalition Rules Updated

The rules for our coalition have been updated as we keep on growing. Some of these rules are clarifications or re-writes of our current rules to make it easier for people to understand them while some are completely new rules.

We are also introducing a new coalition member type called language option corporations.

You may read all of the coalition rules in here

Added 2 coalition main goals:

To help individual members to find active corporations that suit their personal game play needs in EVE Online

To help corporations provide content across of the whole coalition and help them pursuit their own goals

Added banned topic:

Pushing/advertising of all personal agendas, ideologies or non sico related communities across coalition channels to other members such as CSM campaigns without coalition approval

Prohibited in game actions:

Removed mailing rules, moved to corporation rules

Updated: Unfriendly or immature attitudes against all coalition members are not allowed. These actions are allowed against non coalition members on a healthy level in terms of salt mining in local and poking people for a fight.

Full member corporation requirements:

Raised minimum member count to 30

Corporation should provide content for other coalition members whenever possible by opening their fleets and services for them. This is the best way to show other members what your corporation is doing and advertise your corporation for those who seek the game play type your corporation is participating in.

Set aside any standing differences or in game political ambitions that your corporation might be inheriting from your alliance or mega coalition when interacting with other coalition members. For example you are not allowed to underrate coalition corporations that are part of your rival alliances. SiCO only operates on corporation level.

Added language option corporation status and requirements

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