State Of Coalition February 2020 | Recording & Minutes

Raw recording of the meeting can be found in here, minutes bellow it.

SOTC, 02/29/2020


<0:00> Meeting begins.

<0:15> Ikarus mentions the text chat for those who do not have a mic. RASAX proceeds to destroy it.

<0:46> Ikarus explains the point of the meeting is to check-up with the various corps, check progress on corp goals.

<1:11> Ikarus introduces SiCO for the various new players in the coalition. SiCO is an open community structured to funnel in new players into corps in the coalition based on what individual players want to pursue in terms of playstyle. There are no specific requirements for players and corps, only that they remain active, recruiting, and honest.

<3:26> Ikarus explains that SiCO operates on a corporation level, and that they only set standings for corps, not for large null-sec alliances and mega-coalitions. Any nullsec standings are restricted within their own corps.

<4:05> Ikarus explains the role of SEADC as mass-recruitment to the corporation with the aim of moving individual player into corps related to what playstyle they want to play.

<4:36> Ikarus mentions this is why SiCO attempts to remain neutral in politics, and brings up the SiCO player code, reminding players it is up to them how they want to deal with EVE’s other corps and alliances.

<5:32> Ikarus explains the mass-mailing done in order to attempt to attract new players to the coalition. It is made sure that most players aren’t being spammed, although this is not always possible.

<6:30> Ikarus states the number one goal of SiCO is to provide different content for all the different types of players. The second goal is to get new members, to teach them and bring them to the corps which will suit them.

<7:33> Ikarus describes the main method of teaching new players as the MQP fleets and other “101” fleets. The main issue is the lack of FCs. An appeal is made for volunteers.

<8:18> Ikarus states the final goal of SEADC is to push players into other corps.

<9:15> Ikarus begins to discuss the current status of the coalition. He mentions the reputation hit from complaints on Reddit from the mass mailing, but it is the most effective way to bring in new players. The amount of mailing will be reduced to combat this. Overall, the reputation of the coalition is neutral, not many players know of us. However, now that SiCO is the 4th largest alliance in EVE, players are going to start noticing us.

<10:40> Ikarus mentions that the coalition doesn’t want to interfere with individual corps, but will take actions to prevent corps harming the reputation of SiCO, by making clear what is a coalition standing/action or a corp standing/action.

<11:30> Ikarus begins discussing the state of the SiCO military. Currently SLTRN is the only hi-sec war corporation, since there are no other high-sec PvP corps. Structures are okay on defence against small forces. Might struggle against larger forces.

<13:30> Ikarus explains that all the different corps talk in the global channel, and they talk about what they do for those interested. Reminds all corps to do so, and schedule fleets on AUTH.

<15:22> Ikarus begins to discuss the financial standings of SiCO. SEADC wallet is the typical measure of this, as it is currently funding most expenses. There are not too many expenses. There is currently a 1.5 percent tax on SEADC, which will go back down to 1 percent once there is more money in the wallet. 1.5 percent tax raises roughly from 50 million to 100 million ISK each day. Not much in comparison to the tax rates of nullsec corporations, which hover around 5 percent, in addition to bounty tax from ratting. Taxes aren’t the main income source of SiCO, though. The buyback system is the main way of making money for the SiCO. There is currently a 2 percent tax on ores (which are calculated based on refined ore, even if it’s raw.), and a 15 percent tax on other goods. The buyback system is able to cover the expenses of SiCO.

<17:44> Ikarus begins discussing the expenses of SiCO. The biggest expense is fuelling the mining structures. There are about 40 mining structures. Currently the buyback system is covering it with a bit of profit, which will be used to increase buffers. The current amount of profit per month ranges from 500 million to 1 billion ISK per month, which is low for an alliance with 13,000 members. This makes the alliance unable to run expensive doctrines in nullsec. Cheaper fits are able to be ran as with SLTRN. The last major expense is fuel for the trade center. This is self-sufficient. There is sometimes donation shares which are used to pay for unexpected costs.

<20:47> Ikarus begins discussing the war declaration bug. He explains the bugs. The major problem was the instant cooldowns, but the bugs are fixed now, so there will be no more instant wars or anyone in corps declaring wars. SLTRN became one of the fastest growing corps due to this spiking interest in high-sec PVP. It also brought up general interest in low-sec space. The war was fairly cheap for the alliance, but there were higher costs for individual players. Total loss is estimated to be 1 billion ISK. There is a mutual war with WeR4

<26:00> SLTRN is struggling with larger fleets due to not enough players being able to join fleets at any given time. So far no-one is targeting SiCO. Most fleets went well, however.

<27:00> Ikarus begins discussing the goals of the member programs. The first goal is to get a proper roaming doctrine up. This will help with members who want to participate in events but don’t know what to fly / can’t afford to fly. Fleet commanders are needed.

<28:30> Corporation introductions happen for 10 minutes. (Aurelia) begins discussing the fuel costs of mining structures. 40 structures, 120 fuel blocks, 87 million per day, 2.7 billion per month. Then reps from each corp describe their corps. (Recommend listening, can get a far better idea. Begins at 30:00.)

<30:30> A very handsome and funny ceiling fungus informs everyone very helpfully that RASAX are degenerates. Corp introductions continue.

<41:48> Ikarus mentions that more corps are need for certain playstyles such as low-sec faction warfare. Looking for CEOS and other corps to fill this, with requirements being that they will take from low-level SiCO corps. The second type that are needed are language specific corps. We would be more than happy to begin bringing in these type of corps, and adding languages to the recruitment letter.

<44:22> Ikarus notices RASAX being RASAX in text chat.

<44:40> Ikarus begins talking about the upcoming mining changes, although there is no information at the moment. CCP is planning to remove basic ores from moons, will discuss this once there is more information.

<45:31> Ikarus finishes his agenda and asks for questions.

<45:47> Ikarus is asked to talk about industry corps. Silent Industry is the industry corps. Any build order for SiCO goes into this corp. They operate in high-sec. No more detail due to no reps in the call. Not much interaction with SiCO, but has access to blueprint and is more organized with build orders.

<47:53> RASAX cancels Apologize to Ikarus, interrupted by Ceiling Fungus.

<48:27> “Carrot, don’t you fucking dare.”

<51:03> If anyone has any content specific questions, join special interest groups.

<51:30> SEADC is fine to be away for a while, no kicks for inactivity.

<52:42> How is Ikarus today? Good, having a lan party with some friends.

<54:00> “RASAX excels at causing drama, wherever it goes.” At a coaliton level, “no drama.” (Foreshadowing.)

<55:15> Turns the friggn frogs gay.

<55:55> Standing fleets can be made again.

<56:06> Epic sax?

<56:55> Ikarus will fix roles for corp channels.

<57:28> Discord works well for voice chats, no major issues.

<58:30> Meeting concludes.

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