Compressing Corporations | APEE and DLSC merging into SEADC

We will be simplifying our corporation structure for the entry level corporations. People of the Saiya [APEE] and Deep Stellar Coalition Enterprises [DLSC] members will be merged into Strategic Exploration and Development Corp [SEADC].

This change means that both APEE and DLSC will close down all active services and all activity will be focused in SEADC. APEE and DLSC will be still left into the community but they won’t be actively monitored any longer.

This change is made to make sure all staff manpower and services are focused in one place and make sure it is simple for new players to get into our community. It also makes it possible for us to fully utilize the services such as the Blueprint Library in SEADC for all of our entry/high sec chill out players.

All current requirements in SEADC for AUTH and Discord registrations will be changed back to entry level corporation requirements and registration to these services will no longer be an requirement for you to stay in SEADC. However we strongly recommend that you activate them in order to access all of our services and community channels.

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