CSM16 voting & LinkNet ballot

Vote now in here: https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/vote/

CSM16 voting will be open on 8-15 June – Voting Period (from 11:00 UTC to 11:00 UTC). It is now time for you to vote for the members for the council that will represent you the normal EVE Online player to the CCP for the next year.

Each omega player who have had an account active for the past 30 days will be eligible to vote on the CSM elections and is highly recommended to do so. You can and should vote with each omega account you have!

You will be given the option to give a vote for a total of 10 candidates. The higher on your ballot the candidate is listed the more weight the vote has. So you should put your favourite candidates ranked from 1 to 10 with the most favourite as number 1.

The voting system takes advantage of a STV voting system so it means each of your 10 ballot spots will matter, fill out your ballot!

LinkNet Ballot

This year we do not have any LinkNet community candidates running for the CSM.

We offer you the recommended voting ballot that you can use to vote with. This ballot includes players with similar goals and ideas that we have as a LinkNet community. We are favouring new player orientated and tech orientated high sec players who do not have a voting block behind them.

You can also use your own ballot or combine your favourites with our ballot by putting your favourite candidate on your ballot spot number 1 and fill in the rest of your ballot with your recommendations from spots 2 to 10.

Our official ballot stands as:

1Mike AzariahThe Scope (NPC Corp)High SecNew Players
2MaldaviusStribog CladePochvenGame dev
3Dr SpodumainISK.EnterprisesHigh SecTechnical focused
4Jurius DoctorNullSechnaya SholupenNull SecGuidance focused
5Rixx JavixA Band Apart.Low SecLow Sec pirate
6Winzentowitsch MadevedaP A R A B E L L U MWormholesWormhole knowledge
7PhantomiteNo Handlebars.Low SecGame Mechanics
8Uriel Paradisi AnteovnuecciArataka Research ConsortiumHigh SecLore & Story
9Brisc RubalThe Initiative.Null SecGame knowledge
10Arsia ElkinElectus MatariLow SecRP & FW

Mike Azariah: Mike is known for helping out new players which aligns perfectly with LinkNet goals. While his focus is more on the player side instead of the technical side of the game his knowledge related to new players and high sec space will ensure that new players are never forgotten on the CSM meetings

Maldavius: Has extensive knowledge of pochven content as well as real life experience as game dev. While most of his focus do not directly align with LinkNet goals his goals do push EVE to be overall a better place for all players. Also heavily represents pochen which is and could be an even better hook to increase new player retention rates.

Dr Spodumain: Spodumain has a primary focus on the technical side of eve. API is one of the most important tools for keeping this game alive and it allows third party developers to create tools that are critical for player retention. API development is lacking behind badly and not enough candidates are focused on the development of the API

Jurius Doctor: Jurius is focusing on both creating content to guide new players as well as fixing a lot of the technical issues on the mechanisms and tools we have ingame. A lot of his goals align up with the things we seek to do within LinkNet.

Rixx Javix: An experienced low sec pirate who knows the ins and out of low sec space. Has a lot of ingame focused ideas for fixing tons of issues that still remain in low sec space. This candidate representation does not directly overlap with LinkNet interests but his representation of low sec space would be a good addition to CSM.

Winzentowitsch Madeveda: Wormhole representation has been missing from CSM as they seem to prefer fighting against each others rather than ensuring that at least one WH rep would get into CSM. This candidate knows his way around wormhole space and could make sure they are represented well on the CSM meetings.

Phantomite: A well known player to represent low sec space. Has an wide experience of both FW and general life in low sec life and has no issue to represent his ideas and opinions to CCP.

Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci: Uriel has a high knowledge on the lore in EVE and is highly focusing on connecting the players with the story of the game besides the actual game mechanisms.

Brisc Rubal: An all around suited candidate who is able to represent the players to CCP as well as the CCPs ideas to the players. Only reason Brisc is this low on our list is that we strongly believe he will get in without any of our help.

Arsia Elkin: An all around good candidate with a focus on low sec space, lore and new player experience as well as combining all of it in a role playing scheme.

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