Creating a new HS alliance, help us name it!

We have decided to extend our high sec operations by creating an alliance that will be integrated in SiCO. This alliance will be the corporation version of SEADC which means that we will allow smaller corporations to join us.

The reason why we want to create an alliance for these smaller corporations is from management perspective. To integrate a corporation fully into SiCO requires currently quite a lot of manual work. For this reason we have not allowed small or alt corporations to join us.

With the new alliance we are able to accept new and small corporations to the coalition. The same rules will apply to these corporations that apply to the current coalition corporations. The corporations joining the alliance will get the full benefits of our IT services and gain access to the same places as any normal coalition corporation has access to.

There will be a few hard rules on the corporations in the alliance:

No structures are allowed directly under the alliance corporations. This is to keep the corps out of wars. If a corporation would drop a structure making the alliance venerable for wars the corporation will be removed without any notice.

If a corporation seeks to join another alliance while still belonging to SiCO we will judge these cases individually. When doing so same rules that we currently have for corporations wanting to join SiCO will apply:

Needs to have at least 20 active players in the corporation and to have an active leadership as well as a clear goal what the corporation wants to do.

So with the new alliance we will be able to invite whole corporations to enjoy our services as well as making some new friends. It also allows people who do not like be in the massive entry corporation to join a bit smaller corporation while still playing with their other friends in SiCO.

Besides of making new friends we are hoping to find active leadership and staff by recruiting corporations to the coalition. With these players we hope to be able to provide even more content to you, possibly even in different areas of high sec space.

At this moment SEADC will not be joining this new alliance as the alliance will be for start a place for new corporations to join SiCO.

And now we need a name for the new alliance. Please drop your name suggestions with the following form. Please remember that we want this alliance to represent Silent Coalition so the name suggestion should be somewhat related to Silent Coalition.

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