Silent Company, the alliance for SiCO high sec corporations.

For the first time in our history we have opened an alliance for our high sec corporations that seek to remain non war eligible. This alliance will work as the fast gateway for corporations that are seeking to join our coalition.

The corporations seeking to join this entry level corporation have a few requirements on them besides the regular coalition rules:

Corporations in the entry level alliance are not allowed to hold any structures under their corporations. The entry level alliance will never be eligible for war. If this rules is broken and a corporation anchors any structures making the alliance venerable for wars the corporation will be removed without any warning. It is the responsibility of the CEO to make sure that regular members are unable to anchor structures.

  • Unlike full member corporation the corporation will have no requirements for member count or activity. They will still benefit from all of the global SiCO services.
  • Corporation leadership must be activated on discord an on AUTH. Corporation may decide themselves if they require this from their own members.
  • Corporation doesn’t have any decision making power over wars or standings while in the alliance. The alliance will manage all standings and service accesses on behalf of the corporation. If the corporation leaves the alliance they are treated as a neutral entity.
  • Corporation may request to become a full member corporation if they meet the requirements or are looking to join another alliance that requires by game mechanisms for the corporation to leave the entry level alliance.

If you are seeking to join our coalition as a new high sec corporation, please contact the coalition executor Ikarus Cesaille over discord or via in-game mail.

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