CSM17 Elections

The CSM17 elections are in full swing. Each year the player community will vote on players to represent the players to the game developers to ensure the players are heard.

The Council of Stellar Management is a player advocacy group, consisting of 10 members democratically elected by the players to advise and assist CCP in the continuous development of EVE Online. The CSM brings focused and structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents their views and interests.


The hard part will be to know who you should vote to. Most often the candidate you vote for should represent the same values and goals as you do as an EVE player. There are a total of 45 candidates running this year. If you are mad enough you can check them out from the candidate list and read each of their forum posts. Several of these candidates also do interviews and roundtables so the amount of content to look up will be very high.

For most players doing this much research for a game election however is too much work. This is where both we and the CCP interviews come to your aid. Check out the CCP candidate interviews where each candidate is given a short period of time to advertise themselves. The interviews are posted on CCP twitch channel.

LinkNet will also release a recommended ballot to vote for if you find that doing the research yourself will be too much work. The candidates we pick up on our list will be candidates that have similar goals as our community has. If you like what our community seeks to do then voting on our ballot will push like minded players towards CSM to ensure our gameplay is kept in mind on the end of CCP.


  • 2 May – 16 May – Submissions Open
  • 9 May – 20 May – Application Processing
  • 25 May – Live Candidates announcement
  • 25 May – 5 June – Active Campaign Period
  • 7 June (11:00 UTC) – 14 June (11:00 UTC) – Voting period
  • 16 June – CSM 17 Announcement

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