CSM17 Votes & LinkNet Ballot

Voting link: Vote – EVE Community (eveonline.com)

Voting for the CSM members will start today! Voting period will be open from downtime today until 14th of June, exactly one week.

Players with omega accounts older than 60 days will be able to vote for their favourite candidates to CSM who will represent the player base to the game developers for the next year. You should vote with each of your omega account and make sure you fill in all 10 candidates on your list!

You will be given the option to give a vote for a total of 10 candidates. The higher on your ballot the candidate is listed the more weight the vote has. So you should put your favourite candidates ranked from 1 to 10 with the most favourite as number 1.

The voting system takes advantage of a STV voting system so it means each of your 10 ballot spots will matter, fill out your ballot!

LinkNet Recommended Ballot

This year we have one player from our own community running for CSM.

We offer you the recommended voting ballot that you can use to vote with. This ballot includes players with similar goals and ideas that we have as a LinkNet community and that we think will have a good overall representation to CCP cross multiple different areas of EVE.

Like always we do not dictate who you vote to but we ask you to vote. You may use our ballot if you feel like supporting players with similar goals as our community, you can mix up our ballot with your personal preferences or you can vote for whoever you want. What counts is that you vote and that you vote for all 10 spots.

All players in our ballot have knowledge of their own area and will be an excellent addition to CSM. While CSM is also political we do not care what entity our ballot candidates belongs to as long as we think that they will make overall good for EVE.

Our official ballot stands as:

1Kshal AideronLinkNet Candidate. Newbro education, PVE / Incursions, NPSI
2Steve RonukenESI & 3rd party tools dev, HS industrial
3KeacteNew players, NPSI, Community gameplay
4PhantomitePVP small and mid scale and income generation in Low sec faction warfare
5Arsia ElkinFaction Warfare
6Angry MustacheData analysis, industry and market
7Hyprviper1Small group promotion and alliance mechanisms
8Torvald UruzAbyssal Deadspace, Faction Warfare, Community building
9Mark ResurrectusWormholes
10Kenneth FeldIndustry, EVE economy and fixing ESS

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