[CTA] Operation: Defend the Hus, Tue 2022-05-03 17:45

During the past month we have been fighting in null sec to setup and maintain a null sandbox to play in. Our life in the sandbox is now at risk as someone is throwing water on our sandcastle and trying to make it go away.

We are now asking all hands on deck to help us defend our structures final timer in XT-R36. You have two different ways you can take part in helping our structure live:

  1. Make a new war alt by following this guide https://wiki.eve-linknet.com/community-programs/war-response-program and then burn your alt to XT-R36.
  2. Fly your main or any other alt into XT-R36 who is able to fly our ferox doctrine
  3. Once the fleet goes live you will be handed out the ships for free.

Since the clone bay in the astrahus is already offline you will need to fly to XT-R36 with a shuttle. The trip from Jita does not take too long. We will need as many people as possible for this operation as this is the final timer of our staging structure in the area and losing it means loosing foothold in the region.

More details about the operation can be found from the ops board https://auth.eve-linknet.com/opcalendar/event/40742/details/

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