Day 3, glory for the grind

The third day in Cloud Ring has begun with multiple entosis fleets. During the morning hour operations we secured multiple sov structures and completed out current goals in the area thanks to hard working FCs and members showing up in our fleets. This did not come without a fight but our brave merlins managed to crush the hostile fleet trying to stop our entosis fun.

The hard part and fights are still up ahead of us and and more brave pilots are needed on the front lines to secure our objectives. To attend our fleets and get a glimpse of what sov null sec life is all about head over to XT-R36 – Happy Birthday Sierra and install a jump clone to be ready for the fleets.

You may also enlist up on our war program by creating a fresh war alt and parking it in XT- by following the simple steps in this guide: DEFENCE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS [SLTRN] | EVE LinkNet Wiki ( Each pilot part of the war program receive an exclusive icon next to their name on discord, plus obviously the chance to get a lot of fights!

If this spikes your interest in null sec life have a look at our null partner corporations Community Partner Corporations | EVE LinkNet Wiki (

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