LinkNet Sovereignty Established | The Call Of Null

As of 10th of March our war department has been deployed on a quest to set foothold for our community in null sec space. On the 16th of March less than a week from the beginning of the deployment we onlined our first territorial claim unit in the system of XT-R36 in Cloud Ring.

This won’t be permanent so if you want to go throw the sand around in this new sandbox and try your feet in the null waters, now is your time!

Thanks to our hard working FC team and brave pilots of SLTRN who were not afraid of the unknown as of this day LinkNet community now holds sovereignty directly under our community name in the system of XT-R3.

This is not a war, this is not a siege and this is not an attempt to move our community to null sec. Following our community mission to allow all types of players to experience different types of content in EVE we saw an opportunity to claim unclaimed null sec sovereignty space. While the final purpose of this space is in the dark even for us we have decided to take this empty space of null and use it a free sandbox that any of our blue partners are welcome to come and play in as long as it lasts. This is the major difference compared to our null sec partner corporation space where any players outside their own corporation and alliance are very likely to be killed.

Claiming an uncontested system may be relatively easy but holding one is far from it. While our SLTRN pilots are strong in their magic ways even the strongest wizards can’t stand alone against dark forces that lurks around the depths of null sec.

We are calling now all pilots flying under the LinkNet partner corporations interested in partaking in this quest to come join us in this new adventure. As we are living in null sec space you are not required to use SLTRN alts but can bring any blue partner alt or main character to play in the area and help us expand to the nearby systems.

Joining our null sov campaign 101

1. Our staging astrahus is located in the system of XT-R36. In order to play in this area you will need to be in a blue partner corporation. To check if you are part of a blue corporation simply check that if your standing towards the LinkNet alliance is set to blue. If so you are good to go.

2. Look up for STRATOP operations on our operation calendar to assist us with our quest. Ships are provided for you at the staging station and handed out for you when our fleets go up. The used doctrines will be mentioned in the scheduled operations

3. Outside of operations you are free to do whatever you want to do in the area. Keep in mind that we are an open corporation and any player can join us. This brings a certain level of security issues so we recommend to keep your fits moderated and not blindly trust local that is full of blues. Report any blue fire issues to your corporation CEO or any other community CEOs

4. Ratting ships are available for sale under SLTRN corp contract in XT-R36. If you want one for your main, just buy it with your SLTRN alt and contract it over. There are three different ships:

  • AB Cormorant: this should work with SLTRN alphas (I hope) , 8 mill
  • AB Algos: This obviously needs Gallente destroyer, but is better than the Corm, 8 mill
  • AB Vexor: Should be good enough to run the anoms. 19 mill

The fits only use T1 drones. I have some T2 available, just ask if you want to buy some.

5. Here some general tips how not to die there ratting:

  • Dock up if neutral enters local
  • Form a fleet if somebody else rats with you in system
  • Be on comms if you are in a fleet. There is a dedicated voice channel under LinkNet PTT Fleet folder called Cloud Ring Standing
  • Ask more experienced players for getting started with daily life in null sec

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