Fleet Commanders and Instructors wanted!

Every corporation, alliance, coalition and community in EVE depends on content creators. These content creators comes in form of fleet commanders and other instructors who are willing to spend their time to organize events and classes in order to both educate and enjoy the content they love with fellow pilots.

Fleet Commanders

Most corporations and alliances in EVE have a high requirement for fleet commanders and do not like to see losses from their fleets on their killboard. We are exact opposite of this! Our fleet commander training program actually includes steps where you are supposed to lose your whole fleet! We welcome both old and young pilots to our FC training program with no requirements whatsoever. The program is designed to teach you to FC while you teach other new pilots to fly in fleets.

If you have any interest in commanding fleets the way to get started is to sign up in our fleet commander training group on AUTH or via this direct link: https://auth.eve-linknet.com/group/request/join/120/. This will unlock the training program room for you on our discord to get started.

The best way to learn is to teach. This is also how our training program is structured. As a FC trainee you will host GRIP PvP fleets where you will seek to train new pilots the basics of fleet flying. Yes in your first fleets there will be pilots in your fleet who are more experienced than you but what those players lack is the will to become fleet commanders. During your training fleets you will have an more experienced FC to backseat you to help you through your GRIP fleets. A step by step guide is provided for you that you can follow while running your first fleets. As you gain more experience this guide will be less relevant but remain as a checklist to make sure you will cover all the basics while teaching new players to fly.

Almost all of the fleet commanders we have in our community have started their career with the FC training program and running GRIP fleets. Will you be the next one?


Are you a player who has tons of knowledge of certain content in eve but have no interest in becoming an FC? Are your expertise in an area that doesn’t support fleeting such as Planetary Interactions, Industry or marketing?

There are tons of things to do in eve that can’t be done in fleets or commanded by fleet commanders. To teach about these things for new players 101 classes are needed. Classes are mainly help over discord and contain both a section of the instructors explaining the basics of the content they are focusing on and questions raised from the players attending these lessons.

We are looking for players who wish to schedule classes to educate new and old pilots about different things to do in eve. These classes are not as formal as the EVE Uni classes and do not have to follow any preset schema. If you are interested in educating your fellow pilots head to AUTH and apply to the instructor role or click this direct link: https://auth.eve-linknet.com/group/request/join/70/. You will be given the needed tools and permissions to schedule classes over our systems and share your love towards the content in question with other players!

0 thoughts on “Fleet Commanders and Instructors wanted!

  1. Lodemai says:

    Uhm…I don’t think I feel ready for that yet, I wouldn’t mind some training for fleet scouts though, it still looked like magic to me how they decide where to go and find targets

    • Ikarus Cesaille says:

      For most fresh FC trainees we recommend that they take part in a couple of GRIP fleets before they start to FC themselves so that they get the idea how the GRIP fleet works. Doesn’t take more than that rly and you will have an experienced FC to backseat you for your fleets.

      Finding targets is both about knowing what systems most often are active and populated and then a bit of luck on the side.

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