Looking for SIG leaders

After purging and refreshing our Special Interest groups it is time for the next step. We are now looking for one player for each SIG group to act as the SIG manager.

What is expected off you

Your job is to make sure the SIG is alive and that people who are taking part in the content of the SIG are interacting over the SIG group. You will be given the needed tools to raise activity and actively improve the SIG.

If possible you are expected to raise fleets, classes or other similar activities around the SIG content and inspire other players to do so as well.

You are able to build an core team to help you with running the SIG and if needed pass down the SIG manager role to a new manager, may you burn out on the role.

In ideal cases each SIG becomes a self governed group that receives assist from the community. Each SIG should be active and provide real concrete content in some form.

What is required from you

The only requirement we have from you is that you are passionate about the content you are seeking to become the SIG leader to. Your knowledge doesn’t have to be super but we expect that you know at least the basics of the SIG content so that you will be able to guide other players getting started.

If multiple applicants are found for a SIG then we shall try to build the core team for that SIG of these players, still picking one to be responsible to supervise and manage the SIG.

How to apply

Contact me Ikarus Cesaille#0361 directly on discord via a direct message and let me know that you are interested in a SIG manager position.

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