Operation Snowplow | War Contract For Purging Oisio

At 0700 on the 17 of December 2021 a series of war declarations was issued against a numerous corporations in the solar system of Oisio. This moment marks the start of our largest high sec war deployment in the history of LinkNet and the operation snowplow.

Operation snowplow comes with one single mission: to purge the system of Oisio of all of its current structures. It is also the largest individual contract our war division has ever received and by far the hardest tasks the pilots in the corporation have faced. This contract holds a high strategic value for our community and its success is utmost important for us.

As from this moment we are fully deploying our war division SLTRN and any pilots who wish to join the war efforts to the Oisio V – Moon 1 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station. Our logistical team has been pushing their limits the last weeks preparing the system with war equipment to be handed out.

All SLTRN pilots are asked to move or medical clone jump to Oisio V – Moon 1 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant and set it as their home station.

You as a member of the LinkNet community are able to participate in operation snowplow by two different ways:

War Response Program

If you do not wish to tie up a character to a corporation under multiple war decs you can enlist in our war response program by making a new alpha alt into the SLTRN corporation. This way your normal day to day operations will not be disrupted by wars and you can attend and assist our war efforts simply by logging in to your free war alt.

Our war response program takes advantage of the free 1mil skill points you get when creating a new account via the invite link. This allows you to inject right into the doctrine ships we have without any training needed having you ready in the battlefield in 15 minutes from the creation of the character.

To guide for creating your war alt is located in here

Corp hop

If you do not wish to make a new alt or wish to use an existing character with higher skill points to fly the advanced doctrine ships you are able to hop into the SLTRN corporation with your old characters. You are free to leave the corporation once the operation is over.

Everything is provided by the community

You do not need to spend any money in our war content. The community will provide you the ships to fly for free and even cover the needed isk to buy the skill books for your fresh war response character. All we need is to have you at our staging station when the fleet goes live and you will be handed out the ships and guided by a fleet commander thorough the whole fleet.

Ships will be provided you for free at the beginning of each fleet.

Operation timetable

This will be a long operation which includes a lot of structures and a lot of fleets. Each fleet and timer will depend on our enemy movements and timers of the structures. To find out when fleets are going live check out the operation calendar for war deployment fleets

The operation is expected to last the whole charismas time so this will be the perfect excuse to escape the family dinner and the long boring evenings sitting with real people in a real room.

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