Forward Operating Bases and why you care

Forward Operating Bases and why you care
From: Kestra Troi
Sent: 2018.07.15 04:29
To: Game of Drones,

Hello 3GODS,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to educate everybody about Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and their effect on our operations. FOBs spawn throughout EVE and create a few specific challenges/opportunities to those in the systems (

  • ♦ rats have significantly increased strength and tactics. They are very aggressive and have been known to take down well tanked pve and pvp ships. Unless you know what you’re doing and are very alert to what warps on grid with you, you could very quickly find yourself dead.
  • FOBs can be destroyed by very experienced fleets for an ISK reward. 3GODS may be looking into this in the future because 1) it would clear systems for more relaxed mining/etc and 2) we could get some descent fleet practice while earning some ISK.

“How do I figure out where the FOBs are?”
Luckily, that’s fairly easy to figure out (I’ve tried to lay down some imgur links to illustrate).
1) Open your Neocom and find The Agency ( )

2) Your Agency probably looks like this by default ( )

3) Switch it to Specifiy > Pirate Strongholds. Take note of the listed systems around you and maybe don’t mine there ( ). FOBs will rotate after a period of time.

TLDR: Check your Agency for FOBs. FOBs gonna kill you! ♦ rats are death! Don’t get dead!

– Kestra

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