LinkNet Black Week | 0% Ore And Fuel Block Taxes

It is again that time of the year when you are supposed to waste your money on Black Friday sales! We in LinkNet want to do things in a different way and waste our money instead of yours.

Starting from today buyback tax for ore, moon ores, ice ores and fuel blocks has been set to 0% both in Jarkkolen and in Ronne. You heard that right, not only are we paying you based on mineral values which is a lot more than you would get on selling unrefined ore at Amarr or Jita we have removed the tax completely from them!

If you do not feel like LinkNet should lose money on your buyback contracts you can fix this issue by assigning a donation percentage on the buyback calculator. Our previous tax has been from 5 to 10% if you want to use it as a reference

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