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EVE LinkNet community (previously known as silent coalition) is looking for new corporations to join our ranks! We are an community so joining an alliance or a coalition is not a requirement with us. We also come with absolutely zero mandatory operations and no fees on anything!To put it simple

You will be sharing your content and way of life with the other community members in form of fleets, classes, events etc. with very few requirements from our end!

In return you will be able to gain access to all of our services, program and community including the option to freely recruit from our entry level corporations. Here is a visualization of how it all works.

We are currently pulling in around 1000 new characters each week who are looking to find their place in New Eden and possibly in your corporation!

Our mission is to help players find the right corporations for their own need.

We offer 4 different partnership levels which each come with their own requirements:

  • Unaffiliated (language partners)
  • Neutral
  • Blue
  • Alliance (HS Only)

What types of corporations are we looking for?

We are looking for any active corporations that feel like their corporation is a worthy place for members to stay in. You may be a feeder corporation for your null sec parent corporation, an independent wormholer or a HS corporation looking to help new players.

We only care about two things: your corporation has active content and that players who join your corporation will find a solid place to stay in

The community is a bit EU timezone weighted right now and we are looking to fix this. This means that any US corporations with active content will have a lot of players looking to join their activities as we have been lacking fleets in this area a bit. Our operation calendar (behind a public scope registration) will give you an indication about our fleet times.What is the EVE LinkNet?

The EVE LinkNet is a non-profit community program that connects the right players with the right corporations. Our mission is to make sure that no pilots are lost into the abyss because of lacking the right wing mans from their side.

Each LinkNet partner corporation offers something towards the rest of the coalition in form of activities. By opening up their content, fleets and way of life towards the community the other players within the other partner corporations are able to experience different styles of playing EVE Online without the need of finding a new corporation for themselves.

The joint operations hosted by the partner corporations allows individual players to figure our what they might enjoy doing in New Eden. Once they think they have figured out they can then transfer to the partner corporations that is matching the players desired gameplay. If things do not work out or the player interest changes they are able to repeat the process as often as needed.How to join

Check out our homepage and find our what partner level suits you the most.

Do not worry about the rather lengthy and complicated rules and requirements as if your corporation is active and you are willing to interact with the rest of the players in eve you are pretty much good to go!

If you feel like giving us a try you can always poke me directly ingame or via discord:

Ikarus Cesaille

Ikarus Cesaille#0361


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