Happy Holidays, 0% ore buyback tax!

It is again that time of year when we evaluate how naughty or nice you have been.

It turns out you have all been very nice and for that the santa wants to give you a 0% ore tax across all ores for our high sec locations in Ronne and Jarkkolen.

Yes you read that right, we are now paying more for your ore than you would get in Jita sell orders. As this will net us loss in money we will monitor the buyback volumes and keep the tax at 0% for the holidays or until we start to lose too much money.

If you do not want us to lose any money you can always use the optional donation percent on the buyback calculator to calculate a 5 to 10% optional tax on your contracts!

Happy Holidays, lets hope 2021 will be a bit easier on us!

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