More kills than losses on January killboard, FOR SICO?!?!?

Can you believe it as I sure can’t! It has been brought to my attention that Silent Company Alliance has achieved a month were the kills overcome the losses. Yes for the first time ever we did more harm that was caused to us!

With over 6000 ships destroyed and a bit over 5000 ships lost 2021 January becomes the first positive killboard for our high sec alliance.

It does not come as a surprise that the king asked me to guard the mountain corporation which contains the most elite PvP pilots we have inside the alliance is topping the killboard. But these are not the only pilots who made this miracle possible as the thanks goes to all of you who have gone out and shot at stuff and things. Our calendar is filled with more and more PvP events combined with the public NPSI fleets for you to discover and join.

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