Maspah Central Station Defence fleet 9th of Nov 17:00

Our high sec staging station has been reinforced by a multiboxing wardeced. Since all of our intel indicates that this player is a lonely wolf we will form a small defence fleet for the next layer reinforcement timer. The current reinforcement timer ends at 9th of November at 17:30 and if the station is not defended it will enter its final reinforcement timer. However we are expecting the guy to bail out with the slightest show of force.

All SiCO corporations are welcome to join the operation. Since this is only the second timer we will not be assisting on the corporation war yet. For this reason you can only fly logistic ships to really help out. However we can form fleet of combat ships as well to show some force and make him understand, that this is not a free citadel kill!


  • Formup 9th Nov at 17:00 in Maspah
  • Defend Azbel against a multiboxer
  • Doctrines: Logistics > Other

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