BLack Ops Fleet, 1st November 17:00 EvE Time


on the 1st of November I’ll hold a Black Ops Fleet where we will try to hunt some people in Low and Nullsec. The Formup will be in Amarr. What you will need to be able to participate is a Ship able to fit a Covert Ops Cloak.
This means the Ship needs to be able to fit the cloak, you don’t actually need to be able to use the cloak itself (It is super mega usefull to be able to though).

Ships that are able to do that are:

-Every Stealth Bomber (Purifier, Manticore, Nemesis, Hound)

-Every Tech 3 Cruiser with a Covert Ops Subsystem

-Every Force Recon (Pilgrim, Falcon, Arazu, Rapier)

-SOE Ships: Astero, Stratios

-Ships that can do it but aren’t really usefull: T2 Exploration Frigates and the Prospect

For everyone who does not know what to make of this:
This will be a PvP Fleet where we go out and try to Kill other People in Systems with a Security Status below 0.5, meaning everyone can shoot at everyone freely without the Police showing up.

We will use a special kind of Ship, the Black Ops Battleship to transfer our Fleet right on top of our Target without the need to travel to it by Gates. Then we will try to kill our Target quickly and leave the Area quickly once we are done. With this method we should be able to find us a few nice Targets, if Bob wills it.

Because of this special method the most important thing is Damage. We will need a lot of it, so it would be nice if we had at least 5-6 bombers showing up (Torp Bombers, you can have an offline Bomb launcher with Void Bombs). A Pilgrim and a Falcon would be welcome too, but please only one of each and you still need to have something to shoot with (You should not bring a Force Recon if you do not know how this will work). T3s and Stratios are welcome too, but for fuel reasons it would be nice to not have more than 3-4 cruisers.

We will probably have to travel a short distance by Wormhole or Gate to get in Range of Targets, so there will be some time to answer any Questions.


P.S It would be great if one of you could bring a Fuel Truck on an Alt (Blockade runner)!

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