Red vs. Blue, SICO edition | Make space blue again!

Space in EVE is rather empty when you are not in Jita. No more! We have an red versus blue event in Ronne!

There are tons of red Ibis class rookie ships launched in space, each with a red colour on them. Turn the hostile ships into blue ships by warping to them, boarding them and then ejecting out.

can you turn them all blue?
  • Each ship has been bookmarked under the sico static bookmark folder. You can join this bookmark folder from SC Comms MOTD
  • Warp to the bookmark next to a ship in your pod
  • Click on the ship and press the board ship icon
  • Wait 10 seconds and right click your capacitor and press on eject
  • The ship now turns blue!

This event has been sponsored by our local troll Torgo Tahn

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