SEADC Recruitment closed, training phase begins

As you all have noticed we have pulled in around 100 new faces during the past few weeks. This mass recruitment campaign was created to boost our current online numbers and find some new friends to play with.

As with all mass recruitment campaigns we have pulled in a wide variety of different type of players: young, old, alts, alphas and omegas. We will now take our time to get to know to all of you and hope to make SEADC the best possible corporation for you to stay at.

We will now completely close recruitment for SEADC. Only exceptions are made for returning players and friends of our current members. All other players will have to wait for a new recruitment window.

By closing recruitment phase we start our training phase. This phase is focusing on

  • Introducing our coalition to you
  • Getting to know to you
  • Making sure that you have registered on AUTH and activated our services
  • Teach you how you can find relevant information about our coalition and use our services and guides
  • Guide you towards your desired gameplay may it be in high, low, null or wormhole space
  • Help you out with your skill training and understanding the mechanisms in EVE
  • Help you get started with training for the ships that will support your desired career

During the training phase you will see a lot of members drop from the corporation as the result of our clean-up process. This is necessary in order to know the real player count of our corporation and to allow us to focus on those players that are actively playing eve and interacting with out other members. The average ratio of a new player going inactive after starting eve is around ½ of the player base. However we will do our best to prevent this happening with you! We will be cleaning out all players that:

  • Go totally inactive
  • Do not register on our services

By this time if you have not yet read your welcome mail, it is extremely important that you read it and start setting things up (e.g., Discord, TeamSpeak services, etc). EVE is a lot about communications and without the proper channels it will be hard for you to stay on track about everything that is going. With any questions feel free to poke any players with high end roles or asking around on our comms.

I hope that you will all enjoy your stay with us!

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